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Ethical Hacking from Top University Professor

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What you'll learn
  • Basic Concepts of Networking
  • TCP IP Protocol
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  • Network based attacks
  • Password Cracking
  • DNS and Email Security
  • and Much Much More


Let us first start with the definition of ethical hacking. What exactly is ethical hacking? Well, we all have heard the term hacking and hacker essentially the term has been associated with something which is bad and malicious. Well, when we hear about somebody as a hacker, we are a little afraid and cautious ok. I mean as if the person is always trying to do some harm to somebody else to some other networks, try to steal something, trying to steal something from some IT infrastructure and so on and so forth.

But ethical hacking is something different. Well, ethical hacking as per the definition if you just look at it, it essentially refers to locating the weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It means suppose you have a network, you have an organizational network, you have an IT, IT infrastructure, you have computers which contains some software, some data, lot of things are there. Now, you try a, I mean here you are trying to find out, whether your infrastructural network does have some weak points or vulnerabilities through which an actual hacker can break into your system, into your network.

So, this ethical hacking is the act of locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computers and information system in general, it covers everything, it covers networks, it cover databases, everything. But how this is done, this is done by mimicking the behaviour of a real hacker as if you are a hacker, you are trying to break into your own network, there you will get lot of information about what are the weak points in your own network.

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