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Projects in Enterprise Java

Learn to build real world apps in Enterprise Java using Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Struct and much more

What it includes?
  • 49 lectures
  • 12 hours
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  • Learn to build real wolrd Enterprise Java apps
  • Learn core concepts of technologies such as Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate and Struts
  • Learn to think like a professional software developer

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About this Course

Java Enterprise is a set of specifications that extend the Java SE platform and allows developers to build scalable applications that can handle transactions, security, concurrency, and so on.

Java Enterprise is a complicated platform that includes a number of different components. Add Java jargons such as JTA, JAX, MVC, can definitely leave students more confused. Java EE offers several specifications that serve different purposes such as generating web pages, reading and writing from a database in a transactional way, managing distributed queues and so on. It is an exceptionally amazing platform for building big scalable applications.

However, courses that have been designed to teach Java EE are not easy or even simple. They often just get you from point A to point B, instead of helping you push the boundaries yourself. This is why we have designed this course.

Our Java EE course focuses on doing more than just showing you how to perform the basic functions or building a basic simple application. Rather, it provides the students with the tools necessary to actually build their own applications and push to add more features to the applications that are already built. Instead of just answering how to do something, we cover why you should do something and what certain actions do.

The course covers 5 different projects that will show you exactly how you can go about learning the Java EE platform and from there you will also learn various error prompts that you get, what they mean and how you can actually fix them. In addition to that, you will also learn other technologies such as Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring Data, Boiler Plate Codes, Serverlets, JDBC libraries, MySQL databases, Struts, and so much more. The five projects will help you understand exactly how to configure the platform and also write boiler plate codes to help you design the projects.

The 5 projects that you will cover in this course:

Project 1: Voting System - In this project, you will work with the Spring Boot, Spring Data and Hibernate, and also learn how to write little boiler plate code.

Project 2: Complaint Manager - This project will show you how to configure Spring MVC and will go over the important boiler plate codes that you need.

Project 3: Job Portal - In this project, everything will be low-level and the major focus will be on servlets and JSPs.

Project 4: Social Network - In this project we will be using the Struts framework and how to utilize the Struts code.

Project 5: Task Manager - This project will include the Vaadin framework that works well with large applications.

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