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Machine Learning and Data Science using Python & R

An expertise level course to learn Python and R with Machine Learning and Statistical Algorithms

What you'll learn:
  • Machine Learning algorithms, niche technology i.e. R and Python, Delivering complex business problems with use of Statistics and Machine Learning


This course is for aspirant Data Scientists, Business Analyst, Machine Learning & AI professionals and programmers/developers in Python, R.

You will learn with this program:

1. Basics of Python, marketability and importance

2. Understanding most of python programming to handle structured data inclusive of OOP, Creating tables/ data frames, wrangling data, creating new columns etc

3. Visualization in Python and R

4. Basics of Statistics

5. Advanced/ Inferential Statistics

6. Machine learning algorithms like SVM, KNN, Decision tree, Ranfom forest etc.

7. Learning ML and Stats with Python

8. Comprehensive Case study on implementation in Python using ML Algorithms

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