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[2021] Tableau 2020: A-Z Hands-on Tableau For Data Science

Learn Tableau 2020 step by step from Basic to Advance: Data Visualization through Chat, Graphs and Maps.

This course includes:
  • 9.5 hours on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

What you'll learn
  • Master the latest Tableau software for the use in business
  • LEARN the skills to be a tableau developer
  • GET aware of the Tableau products suite
  • LEARN to download & install Tableau desktop 10
  • UNDERSTAND to connect Tableau to Excel and CSV files
  • LEARN to sort data in data source tab and worksheet tab
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge of filtering data in Tableau
  • GET the understanding of creating charts like pie chart, Bar chart, Funnel chart, Maps and many more
  • LEARN to become used to advanced features, like Calculated Fields, Parameters and Hierarchies
  • CREATE dynamic dashboards by using multiple worksheets and their usage
  • GET the understanding of showing an overview using dashboards and share them to end users
  • ACQUIRE the knowledge of combining multiple data sources using joins and blends
  • GAIN a broad understanding of creating storyline and its usage in Tableau
  • COMPREHEND to export Tableau results to PDF, Excel, Power point, and Image data base
  • Understand Aggregation, Granularity, and Level of Detail
  • LEARN to create data extracts and adding Filters
  • GET the understanding of working with time-series data
  • COVER all the analytical functions like forecasting, Trend lines and Clustering


Do you want to have hands-on knowledge in Tableau?

Do you want to add to your skill?

Tableau is the new tool that most of the companies use today to solve their problem of dealing with big data.

This course will help you in becoming proficient in using Tableau. Tableau is a data visualization software in the market that is fun to learn, very easy to grasp as you do not need to be a programmer to learn Tableau as it uses a drag and drop interface. The course will help in learn the skill that will help you in understanding Tableau and in building a solid foundation in it.

The three stages of the Course:

Stage 1: Basic

This part of the course will make you aware of the fundamentals of the Tableau and will make you learn to handle all the data.

Stage 2: Intermediary

The second stage of the course helps you in gaining the skill in handling data visualization and leveraging of the data

Stage 3: Advanced

This stage will provide you with all the advance knowledge of dashboard with the help of the compilation of all your knowledge.

This stage will provide you with all the advance knowledge of dashboard with the help of the compilation of all your knowledge.

The course will further add to your technical skills that will include actions like adding filter, and highlighting, Navigating between dashboards via actions, the fundamentals of Parameters, switching between measures, use parameters as a global filter, dashboard design to make it look good and function well, reviewing and publishing and understand to create storyboards and dashboards to enable to tell a story. The course will also cover all types of charts, maps, hierarchies, groups and sets. You will also learn to enhance the charts with reference lines and bands, and using trends and forecasting for data analysis.

The course is designed in a way that it’s efficient both for a beginner as well as a person who wants to go for an advance level. By the time the course will finish you will learn all the skill and tools to be a proficient tableau user. This will help you in analyzing and visualizing complex data with ease and extract knowledge from the data for any purpose.

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