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Microsoft Excel Basics and Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning to use Excel completely without the mouse is the most powerful skill in Excel.

What you'll learn:
  • Become proficient using Excel keyboard shortcuts
  • Navigate all menus of Excel without using the mouse
  • Confidently use nearly all features of Excel without needing the mouse
  • Apply tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts to real-world problems
  • Build a powerful & persuasive professional skillset


Learn to Master Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts and Become an Excel Expert in No Time!

This is a example-based Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts course with a focus on dramatically increasing your speed in Excel. You'll learn how to use Excel entirely without the mouse. Mastering shortcuts in Excel is one of the most powerful skills you can develop, because of how much it can increase productivity. Microsoft Excel skills can open up a great of career opportunities in industries such as finance, consulting, analytics or other business roles.In this Excel course, you’ll  learn how to master Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts, and why this skill can put you in the top 10% of Excel users.

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