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Machine Learning & Linear Regression: Absolute Fundamentals

Ideas on Machine Learning & Linear Regression using scikit-learn in Python and predicting the positive cases for COVID19

What you'll learn:
  • An idea on Machine Learning and Linear Regression


Hey everyone! I welcome you all to my course Machine Learning Absolute Fundamentals for Linear Regression. This course is targeted for Beginner Python Developers who want to kickstart their journey in Machine Learning. In this course, we are going to use a linear regression model from scikit-learn library in Python to predict the total no. of positive cases for COVID19 in a particular state in India.

After completing this course, you'll  be able to:
1. Define Machine Learning
2. Define what is a dataset
3. Explain what does Machine Learning do?
4. Explain the concept of linear regression
5. Explain what is the line of best fit and cost function (MSE)
6. Use pandas library functions to read the dataset and to preprocess it
7. Splitting data for training and testing
8. Create a linear regression model using sklearn and train it
9. Evaluate the model and predict the values
10. Visualising data using matplotlib

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