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SQL for Data Analysis: Solving real-world problems with data

A simple & concise mySQL course (applicable to any SQL), perfect for data analysis, data science, business intelligence.

What you'll learn:
  • The most important SQL to get you job ready fast.
  • To apply SQL to solve real-world business problems.
  • Excellent skills in handling, joining, and summarizing data.
  • How a realistic relational database works (using never seen before data).
  • To set up an analysis and solve problems from start to finish using SQL.
  • And how to decide which animals to see when you visit Australia ;)



Forget the dry, old, textbook approach to learning code. Forget endlessly drilling syntax.

This course puts SQL in context and gets you solving real-world business problems from Day 1.

You'll play the role of a data analyst at Australia's largest fictional consumer bank, with a uniquely rich relational database at your fingertips. This context brings SQL to life and makes it easier for you to understand deeply and quickly.

With this new approach, you'll be surprised to see that SQL is fun and simple to learn. My course guarantee is that you'll go from zero to functional SQL coder within the weekend.

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