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Ultimate Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer 2020

Detail Cloud Developer Certification Courses, Practice questions set based on March 2020 with additional 100+ Questions

What you'll learn:
  • Preparing for Cloud Developer Certification exam.
  • Student wants to learn Google Cloud platform to develop and deploy applications on Google Cloud.
  • Understand Google Compute Services to deploy applications
  • Use of different databases in programming
  • Google Network, Security , APIs , Deployment Manager, Cloud Build CI and CD
  • Cloud Repository, Container Registry , Developer Tools


Hi Cloud Professional !

This is another course of Google Cloud Platform for Professional Cloud Developer - Google Cloud Platform. 

We have 275,000 students & 395,000 Subscriptions for google cloud platform certification training and we focus on Google Cloud Platform training since 2017.

Added Certification Practice Question Set March 2020 !

The structure of this course
- Aligns exact syllabus to training materials (final section is still under progress)
- Detail Theory and Hands-on ! 
- Syllabus coverage Analysis for every section.
- One Actual Certification Practice Questions Set.

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