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Ethical Hardware Hacking

IoT Penetration Test and Forensics Analysis

What you'll learn:

  • Hardware Analysis (eg IoT Devices, Smart Phone)


This course is under reviewing and updating by instructor.  New schedule will be launched soon.  Please Stay Tune!

(To be Confirmed)

Ethical Hardware Hacking

Module 1 – WiFi

Students will understand the WiFi security issues, how to gather the network information, crack the encryption key and set up IDS for WiFi network.

Module 2 – Bluetooth

Students will know the vulnerabilities of the devices using BLE, how to sniff the packets, analyse the packets or even take over the devices.

Module 3 – Zigbee

Students will recognise the connection of devices using 802.15.4, how to eavesdrop the pairing of the devices within the mesh network and control the devices.

Module 4 – SDR

Students can identify the frequency of the RF devices, how to capture the signal and replay it, so that can raise the awareness the use of these devices.

Module 5 – USB

Students will learn some common BadUSB devices, how to write the payload and deploy the payload, so that can prevent the attack.

Module 6 – RFID

Students will learn the vulnerability of RFID and take this opportunity to know the secret of the tag, how to clone the different types of RFID tag for analysis or even pentesting.

Module 7 – JTAG

Module 8 – Chip Off

Module 9 - Firmware

Module 10 - Forensics

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