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Internet of things IoT- in Action (The software stack)

Quickly learn the complete technology stack for implementing IoT applications.

What you'll learn:

  • This unique course gives end-to-end understanding of the technology stack behind implementing IoT solutions. In the beginning of the course we see two very good real-time examples of IoT. We will walk you through step-by-step thinking process for implementing IoT solutions. We will introduce the technologies Nifi, Kafka, Storm, Spark, Hbase, Hadoop, Druid, Machine learning. We will learn how to use these technologies in building the IoT solution. We will take you to the AWS cluster to show the real time understanding of how these technologies work together. We will introduce machine learning and demonstrate the role of machine learning in building Internet of Things applications.


This course is to quickly learn all the technologies required to implement IoT solutions. The technologies to gather data, build messaging layer, quickly process real-time events, Analysis of data at rest, visualizations, machine learning and more.

You will see good example scenarios where IoT is used at its best. A scenario explained end-to-end with all participating technology stack.

You will get clear understanding of each technology component and you will be able to decide which technology to be used for which requirement.

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