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Algorithms for Job Interviews and Competitive Programming

Quickly understand the most important Algorithms and learn how to use them to solve real Programming Problems.

What you'll learn

  • Find efficient solutions to algorithmic programming problems.
  • Analyse why code runs slowly and significantly improve run time.
  • Apply most important algorithms to solve real problems.


You have some programming experience and now want to take your skills to a new level? Learning algorithms and mastering algorithmic thinking is by far the most effective way of rapidly improving as a developer and problems solver.

That's why I will teach you the most interesting and useful algorithms in this course. (I intentionally skipped sorting algorithms as they are so over-discussed and rarely need to be implemented by yourself).

For each algorithm or topic, I give a concise explanation, example and implementation outline. Then it's your turn to apply the new learned algorithm to solve real problems. For that, I hand-picked tasks from programming websites. When you struggle with an issue and need help, I answer every question and provide personal feedback for your problems.

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