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Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Start Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) | AWS Certification Guide & Hands-On Working with AWS

What you'll learn

  • Key Terminology & Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Learn about AWS Career Opportunities
  • Learn about AWS Certifications, Exam Difficulty Levels & Career Prospects
  • Apply AWS-Recommended First Step Best Practices to Secure Your AWS Account


Welcome! There has never been a better time to start learning about cloud computing and begin your Amazon Web Services (AWS) career!

There are multiple cloud providers, hundreds of cloud services, and terminology and jargon can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for beginners. It can be difficult to know where to start and which certification path to take to reach your goals. If you're looking for an easy entry point into the cloud, with no technical jargon this course is the right choice for you! 

In this course we'll provide an introduction to the cloud and cloud computing, as well as define the official key characteristics of cloud computing. We'll look at key cloud terminology including multitenancy and virtualization.

We'll then explore AWS certifications, certification paths, exam difficulty and career prospects.

We'll then work hands-on with AWS, creating a new AWS free-tier account, learn how to navigate the AWS management console, and look at how to apply some AWS-recommended first step best practices to secure our account and set us up for long-term success as we begin working with and learning AWS services.

This course has no prerequisites. This course perfect for anyone looking to get started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Cloud Computing!

I look forward to seeing your inside! 

- Jim Dorsey,


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