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Computer Organization and Architecture : Scratch to Advance

Learn Instruction Pipelining, I/O Modeling, Cache Memory.

What you'll learn

  • To understand the structure, function and characteristics of computer systems.
  • To understand the design of the various functional units and components of computers.
  • To identify the elements of modern instructions sets and their impact on processor design.
  • To explain the function of each element of a memory hierarchy.
  • To identify and compare different methods for computer I/O.


Course Objectives:

CO1: Conceptualize the basics of organizational and architectural issues of a digital computer and Classify and compute the performance of machines, Machine Instructions.

CO2: Learn about various data transfer techniques in digital computer and the I/O interfaces.

CO3: Estimate the performance of various classes of Memories, build large memories using small memories for better performance and Relate to arithmetic for ALU implementation.

CO4: Understand the basics of hardwired and micro-programmed control of the CPU, pipeline and architectures , Hazards and Superscalar Operations.


1. Understand the theory and architecture of central processing unit.

2. Analyze some of the design issues in terms of speed, technology, cost, performance.

3. Design a simple CPU with applying the theory concepts.

4. Use appropriate tools to design verify and test the CPU architecture.

5. Learn the concepts of parallel processing, pipelining and interprocessor communication.

6. Understand the architecture and functionality of central processing unit.

7. Exemplify in a better way the I/O and memory organization.

8. Define different number systems, binary addition and subtraction, 2’s complement representation and operations with this representation.

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