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Cybersecurity 101: Adopting A Security Mindset

Learn about cybersecurity!

What you'll learn

  • Cybersecurity knowledge to help advance your career
  • Practice a hands on capture the flag exercise
  • Learn core intuition for the cybersecurity domain
  • Understand foundational concepts for cybersecurity
  • Examples of malware types
  • Examples of threat actors


Every cybersecurity engineer, analyst, penetration tester, or operator within the domain all have learned core concepts throughout their career, but these concepts can range depending on the area of expertise. For those interested in working in this field, or who want to apply cybersecurity knowledge to their careers, it can be a challenge to start with some foundational material.

Enter Cybersecurity 101: Adopting A Security Mindset. Led by AI & Cybersecurity expert Jordan Sauchuk, this course is designed to get you up to speed with core and foundational cybersecurity material. It's intended to help get you started thinking with a security mindset and to keep cybersecurity principles in mind, no matter the domain that you work in. You will also be able to obtain hands experience setting up, deploying, and finding a vulnerability in a Capture The Flag exercise or CTF.

Your Cybersecurity 101 path will cover the following steps:

  • A foundational intro to cybersecurity terms
  • Core areas to help you become familiar with different operations
  • Powerful Resources
  • The Inspector
  • Setting up your very own CTF
  • Discovering a vulnerability/flag in a CTF

This is a completely free course to help you get started, and you will find useful information throughout each lecture and section.

Are you ready to start your path toward a cybersecurity career or to deploy cybersecurity skills to your job? Enroll now completely free!

See you in the classroom.

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