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Learn C++ Quickly without any prior programming knowledge

Stuck thinking, what Programming Language should I learn first? C++ allows you to learn programming from the ground up.

What you'll learn

  • Students will learn the rudimentary basics of C++
  • Students will learn the fundamental skills of C++
  • Students will learn foundational skills for their C++ career


Welcome my name is Hunter,

C++ may be more difficult to learn than other languages like Python or Java, but the language is still absolutely worth learning. Whether you want to become a game developer, work on creating web browsers, or become an embedded systems engineer, learning C++ is incredibly useful. C++ is one of the best languages to learn because its old and outdated but you will notice a lot of similarities and is a good language to learn to serve as a foundation of your programming career or hobby!

About me I am a University student studying in New Zealand I am studying Software Engineering (Level 7). And a Self considered Full stack dev, I enjoy programming in my free time and would like to help you guys build a programming knowledge as Programming is very interesting as you will find out, I will be Creating another course in Due time so look forward to that "C++ From Basic To Beyond"

  • C++ is a highly portable language and is often the language of choice for multi-device, multi-platform app development.
  • C++ is an object-oriented programming language and includes classes, inheritance, polymorphism, data abstraction and encapsulation.
  • C++ has a rich function library.
  • C++ allows exception handling, and function overloading which are not possible in C.
  • C++ is a powerful, efficient and fast language. It finds a wide range of applications – from GUI applications to 3D graphics for games to real-time mathematical simulations.

Anyway guys, excited as ever and can't wait for you guys to undergo this journey with me.

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