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Learn HTML5 and CSS3 By Coding Your First Website

Learn and build your own website with HTML5 and CSS3

What you'll learn

  • You will have a idea on how to create a website by real world example


Have you ever wanted to make your own custom website?  This course covers how to make a website from scratch with HTML and CSS  and you don't need any prior experience.  You’ll love this course if you like building your own website and love doing things of your own way.

Having a good understanding of HTML is one of the main keys to develop websites and in this short course you will learn the basics of the language. 

After completing this course you are able to create a static website  with your knowledge of HTML as well as CSS.


  • Any computer can run browsers
  • No coding or design experience necessary
  • Any Text editor , we’ll use Sublime throughout this course

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