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Master Amazon EC2 Basics with 10 Labs

Learn key EC2 concepts with 10 different labs. Become a better cloud practitioner and pass the AWS Certification Exams

What you'll learn

  • Learn about Amazon EC2 basic components
  • Learn about EC2 Pricing Model
  • Learn about features like EC2 Autoscaling,
  • Create Custom AMI's a and take snapshots of volumes
  • Use Community AMI and Marketplace AMI to launch instances
  • Monitor EC2 infrastructure metrics and application logs using Cloudwatch


Hi Everyone!

This lab-driven course on EC2 helps AWS Beginners master Amazon EC2 . Students of this course can apply this knowledge to understand EC2 better and to pass AWS certification exams. EC2 is a key component of AWS and it is important to have comprehensive understanding of EC2 in succeed in an AWS environment.

This course is created and delivered by 7x AWS Certified Cloud Engineer.

The course consists of:

-  3 Lectures. We will demo EC2 launch process over the demo.

- 10 Labs

The lecture is divided into 3 parts: each part consists of about 7 must know facts.

You will also see a live demo of the EC2 launch process as we discuss several aspects of EC2.

After the Lecture we have 10 Labs to help you master EC2. Each lab has it own separate video.


Lab 1: Create a basic Linux EC2 Instance

Lab 2:  Create a basic Windows EC2 Instance

Lab 3:  Install Apache Web server and create a Golden Image (AMI)

Lab 4: EC2 Permissions with IAM Roles

Lab 5: AWS EC2 Command Line Interface Commands

Lab 6: Create an EC2 Instance with Instance store as volume

Lab 7: Setup EC2 Auth with password and automate process with Userdata

Lab 8: Install the Unified Cloudwatch Agent and collect EC2 Custom Metrics

Lab 9: Collect EC2 Apache access logs with Cloudwatch Agent

Lab 10: Use Marketplace AMI to install Wordpress, enable termination protection, create backups

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