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SQL Foundations

A beginners guide to SQL commands and Database Design. Learn it through quick and easy steps.

What you'll learn

  • Understand how to the design the database schema.
  • Learn SQL commands along with key insights about the logic behind the command.
  • Design queries, apply aggregations and combine information from multiple tables.


SQL is an integral part of majority of software projects and is important for you to gain familiarity with the language if you are an IT aspirant. 

This course covers the topics related to database design and query design, and helps you assimilate the topics in a way that you should be able to understand and design the schema. 

It covers the most essential features of the language and explains them through simplified and easy to understand examples. Includes DDL, DML and Query commands along with hints about the other essential features.  Core focus will be on table design and explaining the features such as query and joins with their mathematical approach so that you can effectively design complex queries.

It includes SQL scripts related to the lectures under the resources section which are intended to help students expedite the learning by means of executing the same scripts taught in the video.

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