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The Internet Security Guide

Online Security Awareness with practical solutions to better protect your online internet experience

What you'll learn

  • You will learn the difference between a Virus, Trojan Horse, Spyware, Ransomware ...
  • You will learn how to detect and identify advanced phishing techniques
  • You will understand how to identify online scams
  • You will learn how to secure your online browsing step by step
  • You will learn how to create super passwords and how to manage them
  • You will learn how to secure your wireless internet at home (step by step guide)
  • You will secure your online shopping experience (shop with confidence)
  • You will understand social engineering (the art of human hacking) and how to protect yourself from it.
  • You will become a certified secure internet user (you will receive a certificate upon completion)
  • You will learn what is a hacker and what does he want from your Pc or mobile
  • A fun learning experience with clear examples and recommendations that you can apply instantly. Value for money guaranteed


This course is my contribution as a Cyber Security professional to enhance the online experience of people by making it more secure

The internet security guide is a series of online cyber security videos that severs as a security awareness tool on the internet.

The internet security guide will help anyone that uses the internet to protect and better secure his online experience by following clear and detailed step by step online security measures.

For the inexperienced user on the internet, the internet security guide provides step by step and easy to deploy security awareness recommendations.

For the experienced online user,the internet security guide provides straight forward tips and practical security awareness and I assure you that you will learn plenty of new tricks to better protect and secure yourself online.

Whether you are a grandmother, an accountant, a programmer, a university student... The internet security guide will give you important knowledge and practical measures to apply in order to better protect your identity online, secure your PC and keep your data secure online.

The internet security guide starts by introducing you to the Internet which is unfortunately not an online secure place, knowing your enemy on the internet means that you should know why hackers exist and what are the various types of malware (malicious software) you might encounter currently on the Internet.

Do you want to be able to identify the latest email phishing tricks, the different types of online scams? check the internet security guide videos.

Do you know that a hacker through social engineering tricks can control your PC or steal your online accounts easily... check the online cyber security video: social engineering tricks to learn how to secure yourself.

Do you know that by simply visiting a site, a hacker can control your PC ?!, check the internet security guide online video: Tools you need to browse the Internet securely

Do you want to know about Ransomware and how to protect yourself from this new trendy malware, check the internet security guide : secure yourself from ransomware video

You do not want someone to steal your Facebook account and starting posting on your behalf for sure, check the internet security guide: How to create and manage your passwords

You do not want someone to share your wireless internet connection at home or spy on what your are doing on your wireless network at home do you ? check the online cyber security video: Step by Step guide to secure your wireless home network

you do not want someone to steal your credit card number when you are buying online, so please check the  secure online shopping guide video.

The internet security guide provides also a detailed list of all useful web links and tools needed to secure your online experience, your identity and your data

The internet security guide: online security videos provides direct examples and direct solutions to the attacks faced on the internet, although the tools are more Windows OS oriented, It is meant for anybody who wants to enhance his or her security knowledge and awareness online using any device. I hope you will benefit from it  as much as I enjoyed recording it.

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