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Ethical Hacking - Kali Linux Fundamentals

Understanding the basic of Kali 2021

What you'll learn

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • common Linux commands that hackers use
  • Crafting a basic exploit to hack a your first victim


Welcome this course is a basic overview of Kali Linux 2021. We cover basic setup, terminal navigation, and some core operating system structure. This is a great course if you haven't really used Kali Linux at all and you want to get your feet wet. Remember that this is a basic overview of Kali Linux core functions. There are three main sections. The first is focused on why this course exists. The second section is on Linux basics including the file system, boot process, and terminal navigation and manipulation. The third section is on Linux administration and understanding users, permissions, groups, and understand permission at a deeper level. I do cover basics on checking services in the third section also. There is a single video in the fourth section that is about crafting a basic exploitable EXE and setting up a handler to perform someone first meterpreter shell.

Because this is an overview there is not a lot of practical examples, however I do have assignments that ask you to accomplish some tasks so that you can see how to accomplish certain things. These assignments are made to build retention and understanding of what was being covered in the course. Thank you

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