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Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

Learn about a part of the exciting new world of Emerging Technologies

What you'll learn

  • The basic concepts in the world of Cryptocurrencies
  • Being introduced to Blockchains
  • Understanding what a Cryptocurrency Wallet is
  • Learning some of the ways to identify a Cryptocurrency scam


In the rapidly ever-changing world of Emerging Technologies, understanding the vast amounts of new technological advancements can be overwhelming when you have no idea where to begin your journey. The amounts of information available on various emerging technologies can be overwhelming without the information being made accessible to the understanding of even the newest keen learner. The financial world is not immune from the changes going on globally. Cryptocurrencies are an exciting part of the Fourth Industrial Revolutions impact on financial transactions. The opportunity for emerging technologies to be inclusive to people who were previously excluded by the traditional financial systems such as banks et cetera.  Understanding Cryptocurrencies can be a maze without a guide through the maze of information.

Our course has been created so that even the newest of people to the world of Emerging Technologies can understand some of the topics we will introduce to them. Cryptocurrencies have burst into the mainstream media with the involvement of various large organisations and governments, which are attempting various methods of using the technology to their benefit. Understanding how these technologies can be used to your own benefit can be useful as the technology will be used within mainstream financial ecosystem.

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