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React Basics for Beginners

React Components and JSX

What you'll learn

  • Basics of React
  • Understanding what is React
  • Creating Simple Web App using React


This is the React course for beginners which covers basics of React.

You will understand the following topics:

  • Introduction to React
  • Creating React App
  • Creating React Components
  • Rendering data in React Components
  • Virtual DOM
  • Load Bootstrap in React
  • Update React Component State

Since free courses can be of maximum of 2 hrs, we can't cover more topics in this course.

Important Points about this course:

  • This course doesn't cover any live projects.
  • You can't access Q&A in free courses. If you enroll in paid course, you can access Q&A; so that you can get help from the Instructor if you stuck up at coding problem or if you have any other doubts.
  • This course doesn't provide any live project.
  • This course doesn't provide any assignments / exercises.

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