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LEE's Web Hacking (Cross Site Scripting , SQL Injection)

This course is designed for web hacking skills for only basic users

What you'll learn

  • More information of web hacking skills and more safety web site for them.


@ All Videos in this course have "ENGLISH-CAPTIONS" !!!! 

This course is very simple but has interesting content.

  • The most famous skills to attack the web server.
  • Even when you don't have a computer, Just watching it in the subway or bus then you can get the knowledge about interesting hacking skills.
  • Designed by the instructor who has the experience of the Institute about Hacking / Security for 20years.
  • It is designed like an E-Book.

Just for To make it easier to see on your smartphone or tablet.

  • As you know, If you don't know well about it, it would be a very mysterious and strange world.
  • However, you will find that hacking can happen in more common spots.
  • After taking my course, The idea that only great skill can stop hacking will change a little.

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