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Create Amazing Native Apps For Both IOS & Android

Without Any Additional Skills in Coding You will Become Expert in Building Mobile App By Using Appy Pie Platform

What you'll learn

  • Ability to Build a Professional App
  • A Good Knowledge By Web App And Mobile App
  • Ability To Export Final work Of Apps Through APK File To Be Execute App
  • Get A Better Information About How To Monetize your app with AdMob advertising
  • Build A Smart App Work With Apple Devices For Multiple Branches & Tasks
  • Build A Smart App Work With Android Devices For Multiple Branches & Tasks


Entrepreneurs, Programmers, Developers, website owner, web site manager,  e-shop owner has a question in their minds about how to create a mobile App  and a different version that supports the iPhone and works on the Apple system and another version running on Android devices for their Ideas, Customers, Web sites with Ease . Many  web entrepreneurs ,Developers, Programmers, and Non-Programmers,  webmasters know how to Drive  professional Skills Through Internet without having to write code for the websites,Blogs, and other Activities from very many add-ons and options.

So, can we really build professional mobile applications for Our Ideas, Customers, New Technology , sites without knowing the code? The answer is yes. Appy Pie  can build applications for Smartphones for All You Needs, for all Kinds Of People: Entrepreneurs, non-Programmer, Programmers and Developers, here we are in this Course we will explain everything in full detail and comprehensive. How to Build A Smart apps for smart iPhone and Android apps with great features and an explanation of how to upload the application online as well as how to take advantage of applications to bring ads and traffic on your Apps  and how you can profit from the applications you create. All this and more will be discussed in this Course.

Appy Pie  is a Professional Platform that provides us a lot of  tools to Build  a mobile app & mobile website. It helps you to create a native mobile app versions for both iOS and Android which means you can actually take these apps and upload them to the respective app store, whereupon your visitors can download your app straight to their smartphone.

Features of Appypie

  • Live preview
  • Flexible with Customization
  • Work for Both iOS and Android
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Monetize your app with AdMob advertising

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