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DevOps Beginner Course - Theory of DevOps

Only a theory of the DevOps that you should know

What you'll learn

  • Basic understanding of DevOps
  • DevOps Pros and Cons
  • What is needed for successful implementation of DevOps
  • Which tools are used in DevOps
  • What is CI/CD Pipeline
  • Containers, Orchestration and what is Canary Testing
  • Why DevOps is not for every company
  • Shortly about DevSecOps


In this course we'll go through basics of DevOps. We'll cover DevOps from different angles.

Ever wondered what were they doing, those two teams, before their merging was suggested? How did they work earlier and how after? What is improved by DevOps, or why it couldn’t be? What is needed for DevOps to function in the Real-World like it does in the Theory? What are the benefits of DevOps? What are the prerequisites?

DevOps is still pretty young and the right people for it, engineers, are hard to find, and they are expensive to have. Expensive? Well, that means a good salary. Good salary means learning as much as we can about DevOps, and here is a good place to start.

Would be great if you want to take some notes as they will rest until you may want to remember some part.

If you want to learn more than is available here, there are a lot of lectures and knowledge available online.

Keep in mind that this course is for beginners to DevOps.

This course will be updated and new lectures will be available. Lectures that are temporary available will be upgraded to better versions in the next available iteration, just like in the DevOps world :)

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