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How to Pass Google Cloud Certification Exams

Strategies and Tips for Earning Google Cloud Certifications

What you'll learn

  • Strategies and tips for preparing for and passing Google Cloud certification exams


Google Cloud certification exams are challenging. Even if you deep knowledge of Google Cloud services, you could fail a certification exam if you are unfamiliar with the structure of the tests.  This course will help you understand how Google Cloud certification exams are structured, the rules for taking these exams, and the kinds of questions you can expect. Perhaps most importantly this course shows how to analyze questions and precisely identify what is being asked and how to reason about each possible answer so you can choose the best option.

The course begins with a review of Google Cloud certification topics followed by a detailed discussion about the structure of certification exams.  We then look at the limitations of certification exams and how someone can fail an exam even if they are knowledgeable about the topic.  A collection of study resources is also discussed.

The final three lectures of the course focus on the Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Data Engineer, and Professional Architect exams. In each lecture, we analyze example questions and consider strategies for identifying key pieces of information and tips on eliminating incorrect options.

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