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Implement Most In-demand JavaScript Projects for Interviews

Build Real-world and Essential Projects Every Recruiters Look for!

What you'll learn

  • All the concepts of HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript by building real-world projects
  • Implementing real-world projects using JavaScript and making resume, portfolio strong enough.
  • Use of JavaScript to solve problems
  • Adding in-demand projects in resume, portfolio for Front-end development/web-development/JavaScript interviews
  • Organizing projects and following better approach for building projects
  • Developing UI/UX skills with the help of these projects
  • Structuring projects for responsive designs and mobile-first approach


We all know that getting jobs nowadays have become tough. One has to be exceptionally outstanding in their domain/field to get jobs. Recruiters always look for skilled candidates and they are able to decide while choosing candidates with the help of works/projects/assignments they have done. This helps them to filter out candidates. Projects tell them that a particular student has knowledge of their domain and has problem-solving skills.

In this regard, there are certain projects which affect the recruiters directly and helps them to decide the selection of candidates within seconds because these projects require strong knowledge, skill, and creativity. If a candidate has these projects then it is clear that the candidate is fully skilled in his/her domain

This course focus on building real-world and most demanding JavaScript projects that every recruiter/interviewer looks for.

Why Choose this Course:

  • Learn all the basic concepts of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript by building real-world projects
  • Learn how to use JavaScript for solving real-life problems
  • Build valuable projects and add them to resume/portfolio to make them strong enough
  • Implement projects that every recruiter/Interviewer looks for
  • Develop and hone your Front-development skills and technologies
  • Develop UI/UX skills
  • Structuring projects for responsive design and mobile-first approach

This course is divided into several sections and each section contains one project which shows UI as well as live coding to implement that project. The code starts from scratch(from the very beginning) and takes towards the final output.

Those projects have been chosen and implemented which are in demand when you are applying for interviews in the field of Front-end development/Web development/JavaScript development. These projects are very valuable and every recruiter/interviewer looks for these types of projects. Adding these projects to your resume will increase the chances of shortlisting your resume and will make you stand out from the crowd.


  • TO-DO App
  • Calculator
  • Body Mass Index(BMI) Calculator

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