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Learn HTML & CSS From Scratch! The Beginners Guide

Ever wanted to make websites but didn't know how to start? Then this course was made for you!

What you'll learn

  • The syntax of HTML
  • How to use CSS to style web sites
  • How to link CSS and HTML files
  • How to make your first web site


Many think web development is only for nerds, programmers, or it's just out of their reach for some technical reason. None of those are true!

Anyone can become a web developer, and this course will get you started. If you're a total beginner, someone who's never coded before, then this is the perfect starting spot. In this course we'll cover what HTML and CSS are, how to use both, and how they work together to make awesome websites.

Building wicked cool websites isn't outside of your ability, and you've got start somewhere, so take this course!

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