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React Programming Masterclass: Create A Movie Application

Learn React Web Development Practically: Build Real World Movie (OTT) Application Using React

What you'll learn

  • See the step-by-step process of designing and assembling an project
  • Assemble incredibly reusable React components
  • Learn and understand what is React and how it works
  • Build powerful, fast, user-friendly and reactive web app


ReactJS is a JavaScript component library for creating user interfaces for websites and applications. Developed by Jordan Walke in 2011, it sets a new precedent for developing fast and dynamic websites using JavaScript.

Commonly known as React, it gives coders resources for developing reusable and easily integrable UI components that reduce development time and provide a responsive user interface for website, web app and mobile app.

The User Interface or UI is anything a user uses to interact with a website, such as a button, a link, menu tabs, or search bars. React offers an extensive collection of such UI components that front-end developers use for creating personalized interactive elements.

React mainly focuses on building the View Layer (consisting of all the parts of a page visible to users) of an application.

Many users describe React as a framework instead of a library. They are not wrong in doing so. After all, React is more than just some pre-written code snippets and functions. Today, you can build whole applications for web browsers and smartphones using ReactJS and React Native.

It has a robust ecosystem and is remarkably flexible, and can be integrated with other developer tools and libraries for implementing complex functions.

With the assistance of features such as Virtual DOMs, JSX, impressive state management, and reusable components independent of each other, React users can significantly cut their development time.

You can create clean and manageable codes with React’s strict structure rules and unidirectional flow of data. It is also effortless to test and maintain these web applications and websites.

ReactJS is a multi-purpose, open-source library that is mainly used in front-end development, focusing on building user interfaces. It developed a new way of rendering websites, evolving the responsive nature of web pages.

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