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Build Real World MYSQL Database Design & Management Projects

Master SQL Development By Creating Databases & Building Reports Through Projects-MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

What you'll learn

  • Create your own database or interact with existing databases
  • Model real-world data and generate reports using SQL
  • Build real world projects to Learn MYSQL
  • Write complex SQL queries across multiple tables


MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), named after the founder Michael Widenius‘s daughter as “My” and SQL stands for “Structured Query Language”. The first version of this database was released in 1995 and later on, Oracle acquired the same in Jan 2010, when it was with Sun Microsystems.

This database is written in C and C++ language and it can work on different platforms like Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Symbian, Linux, MAC OS, etc.

It is available with two editions.

  • MySQL Community Server (Open Source).
  • MySQL Enterprise Server (Proprietary).

Both of the editions share the same code base except, Enterprise Edition comes with a series of extensions that can be installed as server plugins.

Benefits Of MySQL

The benefits are enlisted below:

  1. Easy to use: As it supports SQL language, users don’t need to be technically expert to access the database. It can be easily accessed by users with basic SQL knowledge and experience on other relational databases.
  2. Cost Free: Another benefit of using this database is that the user doesn’t have to spend money to pay the license fee, as it is free of cost and available on the official website for download.
  3. Customizable Code: As it is available as an open-source tool, software developers have an option to customize the source code as per their own applications and use it. The source code is freely available to web users. The do’s and don’ts of the software are defined in GPL i.e. GNU General Public License.
  4. Secured: It offers one of the most secured databases in the world and hence used by well-established web applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Its various security features like Firewall, Encryption, and User Authentication are the helping hands in protecting sensitive user information from intruders.
  5. Better Performance: It supports the multi-engine storage feature which facilitates database administrators to configure the database in a way to balance the workload. Hence, it makes the database flawless in terms of performance.
  6. High Availability: It offers 24*7 hours availability and offers solutions like Master/Slave Replication and specialized Cluster Servers.
  7. Scalability: It offers very good scalability to web applications through MySQL Thread Pool provided by MySQL Enterprise Edition. A thread pool provides a model that is used for managing threads (or processes), like the multi-user connections overhead and execution requests, in a hassle freeway.
  8. Platform-Friendly: It is a platform friendly database supporting a number of platforms like Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris, AIX, Symbian, Linux, MAC OS, etc.
  9. Friendly Interface: It has a user-friendly interface with a lot of self-management features and different automated processes like configuration and administration related tasks, which allows users to do the job effectively from Day 1.

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