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Cryptocurrency 101 by Inspired Analyst

Learn everything you need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain, including investing, research and much more!

What you'll learn

  • Learn all about the fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Learn about main cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance.
  • Learn about the risks involved with cryptocurrency investment, including scams, hacks, phishing and pump and dumps.
  • Learn how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies including using online wallets and cold storage wallets.
  • Learn about how to identify cryptocurrencies to invest in and how to employ proper investment strategies.
  • Learn about how to do social media analytics of crypto projects
  • Learn about technical analysis
  • and much more..


This is my course description:-

Do you want to learn more about Cryptocurrency Investment? Are you aware of the fundamental principles behind Blockchain Technology and Crypto Assets?

Learn from an experienced cryptocurrency Investor, Data Scientist, and a social media influencer.

This course is tailored specifically for anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies and how to buy and invest them. Cryptocurrencies are a new global phenomenon that all started with Bitcoin back in 2009.

In this course, students learn all about the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, which is absolutely essential in these early days of adoption. Hundreds of hours of research and effort has gone into this course to give students the absolute best description of cryptocurrencies.

2021 heralds the most exciting bull market for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency and I will safely navigate you through everything you need to know to understand and take advantage of it! Cryptocurrency has entered into a bull market, and strong coins along with the DeFi/NFT space has opened up incredible opportunities to make money.

Who this course is for:

Someone looking for an A to Z course on Cryptocurrency Investment

Those looking for critical Cryptocurrency Investment principles from an experienced Investor

Those looking to improve upon and refine their knowledge of Cryptocurrency Investment

Those looking to learn from an experienced Cryptocurrency Investor that talks about fundamentals more than the hype

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