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Data Analysis, Data Science & Visualization: Python & Pandas

Learn complete Data Analysis, Data Visualization & Data Science using Python and Pandas

This course includes:

  • 20.5 hours on-demand video
  • 13 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

What you'll learn

  • Perform data operations like as grouping, pivoting, joining, and more with Python's popular "pandas" module.
  • Learn how to manipulate 1D, 2D, and 3D data sets
  • Discover hundreds of pandas methods and characteristics
  • Troubleshoot faulty or missing data sets
  • Learn to program in Python well.
  • You will learn about integer, float, logical, string, and other Python types.
  • Learn how to install packages in Python
  • Learn how to code in Jupiter Notebooks
  • Successfully perform all steps in a complex Data Science project
  • Learn to build statistical models, use Backward Elimination, Forward Selection, and Bidirectional Elimination techniques.
  • Create Basic Tableau Visualizations
  • Have an intermediate skill level of Python programming.
  • Use the numpy library to create and manipulate arrays.
  • Have a portfolio of many different data analysis projects.
  • Use the pandas module with Python to create and structure data.
  • Create data visualizations using matplotlib and the seaborn modules with python.


Why Data Analysis?

As organizations seek to create insights and push their businesses forward with the assistance of data, the field of data analytics is expanding at a fast pace. Learn what data analytics is, why it is important, the many kinds of data analytics, and the numerous data analytics applications in this Data Analytics Complete Course. You will also learn how to use data analytics.

What will we do in the course?

We'll go through hundreds of various methods, characteristics, features, and functions that are hidden away inside this incredible library during this session. We'll delve into a slew of various datasets, both short and lengthy, broken and immaculate, in order to show the amazing flexibility and effectiveness of this tool.

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python comes includes a slew of sample datasets that you may experiment with. Explore Pandas from the beginning and follow along with my tutorials to discover how simple it is to get started with pandas!

The Data Analysis with pandas and Python course is an excellent introduction to one of the most powerful data toolkits available today, whether you're a novice data analyst or have spent years (*cough* far too long *cough*) in Microsoft Excel.


  • Introduction to Python course
  • Intermediate Python- Functions, Modules, Classes and Exceptions
  • Introduction Data Analysis in Python
  • Applied Data Analysis in Python - Machine learning and Data science

In data analysis using python python's ability to create and manage data structures quickly, for example, is one of the most common applications of the language in data analysis — Pandas, for example, provides a plethora of tools for manipulating, analyzing, and even representing complex datasets — and this is one of the most common applications of Python in data analysis.

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