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Learn Networking Services on AWS and Microsoft Azure

Amazon VPC | Subnet | Gateway | DNS | Virtual WAN | Traffic Manager | Firewall | Network Security

What you'll learn

  • You would be able to create and manage Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) on AWS
  • You would be able to create and configure Subnets and other network components
  • You could create, attach and detach the Internet Gateway to the VPC
  • In this course we would explore various Network services available on Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • You would learn DNS, Firewall, Traffic Manager, Virtual WAN
  • Vnet (Virtual Network), and NSG ( Network Security Group).


In this course, you are going to learn about various Networking services and tools on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We will start with the various network tools and services that can be managed from Amazon VPC console. Here you will learn about creating a Virtual Private Cloud or VPC on AWS. It is one of the key components of a cloud computing platform. Whenever you want to create a virtual server or create an environment on cloud that is hosted on shared platform, you may want to configure and manage various Network components as if it is an on-premise server. Virtual Private Cloud allows you to create, configure and control various networking components such as subnets, routing table, internet gateways and much more. In this course you will be learning some of these tools with hands-on practical examples.

Later on, after you have learned AWS VPC and network components, it would be a great idea to explore some of the networking tools and services available on Microsoft Azure. Thus, you would learn about various networking tools and services on Microsoft Azure. AWS and Azure both are the tech giants in cloud computing space. So, anyone who is looking for a professional career in Cloud Networking should be aware of the underlying capabilities of both of these platforms. You will be learning various cloud services on Azure such as DNS, Virtual WAN, Firewall, Vnet, Traffic Manager and NSG (Network Security Group).

This course would not cover entire cloud services on either of AWS or Azure, but this course would be tightly focused on Networking tools and services on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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