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Web Developer Basics

Basics of the most common web programming languages at one package on your hand.

What you'll learn

  • You will know basics of the most common web programming languages.


The main goal of this course is teaching you the basics of the main common web programming languages that is considered as indispensable essentials for anyone need to be a web developer.

This course has arranged to contain four main section Database and SQL Basics section, HTML Basics section, CSS Basics section, and PHP Basics section.   

Database and SQL Basics  

In this section will learn basics of Database which include database tables, relationships between tables, how data is stored in tables, what is DBMS (DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM).

SQL the structure query language the main language for relational database management system.   

You will learn all the major features of SQL Understanding SQL terminology and syntax, Creating new database and tables, using CRUD operations for retrieving, inserting, updating and deleting data.   

HTML Basics

In this section you will how to write HTML, the programming language that power of the web.   

You will learn the syntax of HTML and Attribute.   

Also, how can test and practice HTML tags and their Attribute through different tools.   

CSS Basics

This section is considered complement to the previous section.   

This section will learn you the syntax of CSS to make your web pages more attractive.   

You will learn the different types of styles and how use them in your web pages.     

Also types of selectors and how applying them in your web pages.   

Finally, testing different CSS styles through the various online tools.   

PHP Basics

PHP is considered the most common script server side of building a dynamic web site integrated with HTML and CSS.   

You will learn the syntax of PHP and the most major features such as variables, loops, functions, arrays and much more.   

Also,  you will learn how can be PHP useful for connecting web site to database server.   

How to insert, update, and delete records by using PHP processing.   

There are much more to cover, so let’s jump to begin.  

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