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Designing AI Assistants

Learn the winning conversation design workflow that creates engaging, human-centric conversations between AI and people

What you'll learn

  • Combine elements of technology, psychology, and language to create human-centric conversations between people and AI
  • Articulate the importance of conversation design to a development team
  • Implement the design workflow that has become the industry standard for best conversation design
  • Craft a detailed persona for your AI Assistant that shines through all your conversations
  • Mentalize the conversational context before writing a single piece of dialogue to ensure empathy throughout the experience
  • Run sample dialogues to create a solid first draft of a conversational flow
  • Validate a conversational flow and make it inclusive through Wizard of Oz testing
  • Fine tune dialogue using expert copywriting techniques


Conversation designers are in high demand at enterprises and tech companies. By taking this course, you’ll discover if this is the career for you. You’ll also learn the fundamental principles that will guide you throughout your career in conversation design.

This course presents a comprehensive introduction to the field of conversation design. It shares best practices for designing human-centric conversations for AI assistants, whether they be chatbots or voice assistants.

You will also learn the fundamentals of Conversation Design Institute’s workflow, which is used by thousands of conversation designers around the world. Together, these designers create assistants that are interacting with millions of people every day.

The CDI workflow is voice first and technology agnostic. But what do we mean by that?

It means that the principles in this course can be used to create both chatbots and voice assistants. That you can apply these techniques to every type of conversational technology. You can use these principles to create a fun voice experience for a smart speaker, as well as creating a complex customer service case for an enterprise.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this course:

  • The historical context which is key to understanding conversation design’s place in the world of technology
  • What conversation design really is, and how businesses are already harnessing its power
  • Why the demand for conversation designers will only continue to grow in the coming years as more companies automate more conversations
  • The psychology of conversations, and why conversation design is so vital to creating meaningful interactions between humans and AI
  • CDI’s industry-recognized workflow that will guide you through every conversation you design going forward
  • How to consistently design inclusive, human-centric conversations
  • Copywriting techniques that take conversations from good to superb
  • How to design conversations with a well crafted and consistent persona
  • How to design for desired behavior

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