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Learn all GCP - Google Cloud service compute, storage, networking, database from Cloud Console in just 2 hour-fast paced

What you'll learn

  • Quickly get started with Google Cloud Platform
  • Provision all main GCP services via Cloud Console
  • Create Compute, Networking, Storage, Database Products inside GCP
  • Get hands-on on all major services in minimum time


Do you want quickly start with Google cloud products and services?

Do you want to provision Google cloud products via Cloud console?

Are you working in corporate and don't have enough time still you want to dive into Google cloud in minimum time?

If about you answer is yes, You are at right place


To quickly get started with Google cloud and provisioning all major services I have created Hands-on course on Google cloud services.

This is the free hands-on course to get started with Google cloud

This is one of the most Practical course having a 2+ hours of video content completely free of cost which will help you to create interest about Google cloud

If you find something interesting you can always follow associate and professional level advanced certification in Google cloud


In this course I will teach you

  • Basics of Google cloud
  • Regions & Zones
  • How to create free trial Google cloud account
  • Google networking service provisioning
  • identity and access management - Roles, Permissions
  • service account
  • create virtual machine inside the Google cloud
  • host application on Google app engine
  • Deploy a small microservice as a function inside the Google cloud function
  • Docker images & Container registry
  • Deploy Docker images in Cloud Run
  • Host Containerized app inside Kubernetes Cluster

We will see about storage and database related products like

  • how to create a bucket and upload object inside it
  • get started quickly with SQL database solution cloud SQL and Cloud spanner
  • NoSQL solution like Bigtable, datastore and MemoryStore
  • For asynchronous communication we will learn how to create a topic and subscription insider cloud Pubsub

Overall it's a hands-on practical course.

I wish best of luck for your journey inside Google cloud

I will see inside a class


Ankit Mistry

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