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Learn BigData & Hadoop with Practical

Learn Hadoop and BigData with real examples and architecture of Hadoop

What you'll learn

  • Understand what is BigData and Hadoop
  • What is HDFS and Map Reduce
  • You get practical knowledge how HDFS and Map Reduce Examples
  • Understand what the job of a Hadoop Developer /Tester looks like
  • This course is meant for students willing to next generation of IT
  • Understanding V's of Big Data
  • Evolution of Hadoop


*** Course Updated as of August 2017! ***

*** Introductionary very detailed course for Hadoop and bigData ***

*** Only course in Udemy which is taught with practical for Hadoop Basics***----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What is Bigdata / Hadoop

- Big Data are large data sets which can't be processed using traditional data processing software.

- These data sets consist of data from different sources and are analyzed and processed for gathering valuable information.

- Big e-commerce websites use big data to gather information about customer preferences and browsing patterns to provide 

viable suggestions and search results to individual customers.

What You Will Learn

You will get detailed understanding of Hadoop and Big Data.

Lectures are made with real examples, helping to understand better

Why hadoop came and what is Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Architecture will be explain in details

Examples will be explained how data is saved into Hadoop

If you are developer or testers, this is your first step to enter into Hadoop/BigData domain

What are V's of BigData

Some facts about BigData

What are BigData tools available

Advantages of bigdata Analysis

Why is bigData in Huge Demand

Practical example of handling files in HDFS

Practical example of Map Reduce i.e. how Hadoop works in real

This course will make you prepare for BigData & hadoop.

This course will be covering the basis of Hadoop while covering its architecture, component and working of it.

Why This course

Course is cheap compared to other courses and just having lectures of 1 hr only

This is doesn't give introduction but detailed description and also practical hands on experience

Instructor support is avaialable for this course

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