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Blockchain Development Guide: Polygon

Learn how to deploy Layer 2, scalable and production ready dApps here!

What you'll learn

  • Deploying any dApp on Polygon.
  • Building on top of any protocol on Polygon
  • Solidity and React development
  • Interacting between smart contracts on Polygon.


This is a free online course dedicated to onboarding developers into the world of building Decentralized Applications on Polygon. We are here to help you level up your skills every step of the way. We've attached many resources and some development videos to this Udemy course in hopes that it will help provide you with a good starting point for learning.

Once you successfully setup your environment, we will start building several starter dApps on Polygon (all of this is located on Polygon Academy's Github organization as well for your forking). You can build either these, or follow the design principles in these videos to build on top of any dApp on Polygon's vibrant ecosystem.

Building dApps on Polygon is (at the time of this writing) strongly preferable to building on ETH due to its low network gas costs and much faster block finality, which means better and more cycles of testing and iteration especially for products in development. Because Polygon is EVM compatible, you can expect to find almost all the resources you have access to on Ethereum to build off of (Truffle, Ganache, Solidity, Hardhat, Chainlink's data oracles, etc.), except in a much faster blockchain dev environment.

Thanks for joining our course, we hope you learn a ton.

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