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Delving into Blockchain : A Comprehensive Overview

Learn the essentials of Blockchain to embark on a successful career in the trending domain.

What you'll learn

  • Get a fair understanding of Blockhain and a kickstart to building Blockchain Projects


This course titled “Technical Dive into Blockchain” is designed to provide naive learners to understand the basics of Blockchain so they can get into either technical or functional nitty gritties of working in the trending domain of blockchain.

The course comprises of seven sections starting with a brief introduction to trending technologies today followed by foundation, essentials, and advanced concepts of blockchain.  While one learns the technical essentials we next provide some idea about various use cases which will benefit from blockchain adoption.

Next we present key questions to decide whether an organization can benefit from adopting blockchain, followed by the development process and ends with a brief overview of various blockchain development platforms.

We conclude the course with some pointers on the future of blockchain and what careers can one take up in the blockchain domain.

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