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Artificial & Machine Learning for AnyBody, Everybody and All

Teach a Machine to Learn to Recognize Images, Audio & Poses

What you'll learn

  • Students will be excited about how machine learning works while they work on projects like images, sound and poses
  • Students will learn to host their Machine Learning model for free
  • Program a Machine Learning model without writing a single line of code.
  • Students will learn to generate real TensorFlow format of their models to be used in websites, apps etc
  • Understand Responsible ML
  • Bonus Course-Build a conversational chat bot with Chatterbot corpus Python coding(Must be comfortable programming in Jupyter notebook)


This course model will teach you how to teach, train and create Machine Learning models faster, easier without writing a single line of code. Just come as you are and leave with some understanding of Machine Learning. No prior knowledge is required. Even little children can teach and train a Machine Learning model.

There are  interesting links to help us understand how AI & ML is/are changing society, the pros and cons and so much more.

The actually code runs behind the scene and can be copied  as a Tensorflow.Js format to be used in apps and websites.

We will learn to host our model for free.

Wouldn't you love to join the AI train(choo choo).

Create a Rule based ChatBot(Bonus) in python

This course gets you started in AI & ML

*This was created as notes for me  and my students at home as a guide to understanding the future of AI and it's operations.

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