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Blockchain Technology and Innovation for Beginners - TEC102

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Token, ICO, Smart Contract, DApps

What you'll learn

  • The students could understand Blockchain Basics


This seven part course is designed for people who want to understand blockchain, the industries that have evolved from it, and what its potential is.

Mason will be meeting Isabella in a cafe and covering the basics of how a blockchain works. Then they will discuss how these capabilities have been extended using cryptography to enable bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to function.

Isabella will bring in lots of practical examples to make everything easy to understand. And if anything gets a little complicated, she will ask questions to break it down into smaller parts. By the end of it, they will understand what ICOs are, how token economies work, and why smart contracts are so important.

Isabella does a great job of keeping things clear. Then she learns so much, she ends up teaching me a thing or two about the potential of blockchain technology and the many different ways it is likely to have an impact on our future.

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