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Intro to Cloud Computing

In this course, you'll learn foundational cloud computing skills that will set you on your path to a career in cloud computing. In the first lesson, you'll learn about fundamental concepts such as the advantages of cloud computing, deployment models, and the similarities and differences across major cloud service providers. In subsequent lessons, you will gain valuable hands-on practice using AWS to create identity and access management policies, store data in an S3 storage bucket, and launch an ec2 instance and set up automated provisioning. In the final lesson, you will be introduced to serverless architecture and data storage using AWS Elasticache.

What you'll learn

An Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Learn the benefits of cloud computing
  • Compare and contrast deployment models
  • Evaluate cloud service providers

Fundamental Cloud Concepts

  • Pick the right cloud service for your needs, Spin up a Virtual Machine

AWS Console and Accessing Cloud Services

  • Sign up with AWS and learn to navigate the AWS console
  • Create an S3 bucket and upload files into it
  • Create an IAM user and set IAM policies

Compute Services

  • Launch an ec2 instanceConfigure automatic provisioning with init-script

Cloud Databases and Serverless Architecture

  • Learn how to set up a NoSQL database using ElasticCache
  • Build a serverless solution with Lambda and API Gateway

Why Take This Course

The global cloud services market is expected to grow by 17% in 2020, for a total value of $266 billion, and by 2022 60% of organizations will utilize public cloud services. The explosive growth of cloud computing services puts cloud computing skills in high demand, and companies are looking for professionals with cloud computing skills to fill a variety of roles from cloud developer to cloud devops engineer or cloud architect, with average starting salaries for a cloud developer reaching $112,000.

This free course will equip you with the foundational skills you need to pursue a career in cloud computing. The course covers fundamental cloud computing principles and features hands-on practice using AWS, the leading cloud service provider. By the end of this course you'll be able to navigate AWS services in the console, store data on an S3 storage bucket, launch a virtual machine, and create a serverless application.

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