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CEH v11 312-50: Practice Test - Certified Ethical Hacker

NEW 2022! CEHv11 Premium Test Series. Be an EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker! Within a Week.

This course includes:

  • 5 practice tests
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile



Number of Questions: 125

Passing Score: from 70% to 85%

Test Duration: 4 Hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice


  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • Scanning Networks
  • Enumeration
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • System Hacking
  • Malware Threats
  • Sniffing
  • Social Engineering
  • Denial-of-Service
  • Session Hijacking
  • Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • Hacking Web Servers
  • Hacking Web Applications
  • SQL Injection
  • Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Hacking Mobile Platforms
  • IoT Hacking
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cryptography

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) curriculum is the world's most comprehensive ethical hacking school, designed to teach information security professionals the foundations of ethical hacking. The hacking course will prepare you to become a professional who will methodically investigate network infrastructures with the owner's permission in order to identify security holes that a malevolent hacker could exploit. The CEH is the first of three complete courses designed to help a cyber security expert learn penetration testing (CEH, ECSA, and APT).

The CEH credential's purpose is to:

Establish and enforce basic criteria for professional information security professionals in ethical hacking.

Notify the public that credentialed people meet or surpass the minimum requirements.

Encourage ethical hacking to be recognised as a distinct and self-regulating profession.

The Certified Ethical Hacker curriculum is the most sought-after information security training programme for any information security expert. To master hacking technologies, you must first become a hacker, but one who is ethical! The sophisticated hacking tools and tactics used by hackers and information security professionals to break into an organisation are covered in this approved hacking course. "To fight a hacker, you have to think like a hacker," we say.

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