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Cloud Computing for Complete Beginners

Building and Scaling High-Performance Web Servers on the Amazon Cloud

What you'll learn

  • Building and Scaling High-Performance Web Servers on the Amazon Cloud
  • Choosing and Starting Up Your Server
  • Installing and Configuring Your Server Software
  • Setting Up a Static IP Address for Your Server
  • Setting up a Domain Name and Configuring WordPress to Use it
  • Creating and Attaching New Disk Drives
  • Hosting Multiple Websites on Your Server


This course is the course I wish I had when I started managing my own web servers for the businesses I own. Due to the complexity of the technologies involved, there is often limitless room for ambiguities and misunderstandings when dealing with servers. You are trying to do tasks that should be simple in theory, but you end up wasting hours and even days trying to make it work. This course helps you avoid that by taking the guesswork out of setting up your web servers on cloud providers, configuring them and scaling them.

This course provides a broad overview of the entire process of building and scaling web servers using a VPS/Cloud provider, while also providing minute step-by-step instructions (with lots of and command line examples) on performing each and every important task necessary to get your server(s) going.

Note that this course does not teach you programming or website design. It teaches you how to create, manage and scale web servers, and it even shows you how to create a working WordPress installation that you can edit and publish stuff on. It is assumed that you’d use a web developer’s services to customize your websites, or that you are a web developer yourself.

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