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React and Redux Masterclass

Master React JS components with Redux actions in Flux. Yarn, React Redux, Redux Thunk Reactjs, React.js test renderer

What you'll learn

  • Create reusable stateless and easily testable components
  • Create pure & easily testable action handlers (reducers)
  • Connect stateless views with stateless reducers through React containers
  • Refactor applications to be more testable and reusable (decoupled)
  • Understand React Flux architecture and how to connect all the bits


Interested in building applications that scale well, are bug free and easy to maintain?

This is a course for you. I will show you how to write reusable React and Redux code.

React is the library that modern Javascript developers need to know. Truly knowing how to write reusable React JS views and Redux reducers will get you a job, and enable you to build quality frontend applications.

Important: This course is concise and focuses on the ability to write decoupled React.js & Redux code. 

All videos are professionally edited for your convenience.

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