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Developing app using Flutter

Flutter, android app, Weather app, MySQL, Firebase, cloud firestore database, Rest APIs

What you'll learn

  • Features of Flutter
  • Basics of Dart programming
  • Working with widgets and layouts
  • Navigation with named Routes
  • Accessing product service APIs in Flutter
  • Connecting to MySQL database
  • Connecting to Cloud firestore database(Firebase)
  • Building an weather app


Flutter is supported and used by Google, trusted by well-known brands around the world, and maintained by a community of global developers. Developing a mobile application is a complex and challenging task. However, to develop an application supporting both OSs, we need to code in two different languages using two different frameworks. To help overcome this complexity, there exist mobile frameworks supporting both OS. Irrespective of their simplicity or complexity, these frameworks always have many disadvantages, one of the main drawbacks being their slow performance. Dart has a large repository of software packages that lets you to extend the capabilities of your application.

Flutter – a simple and high-performance framework based on Dart language, provides high performance by rendering the UI directly in the operating system’s canvas rather than through a native framework. Flutter is powered by Dart, a language optimized for fast apps on any platform. Flutter needs lesser testing. Because of its single code base, it is a sufficient if we write automated tests once for both platforms.

Flutter also offers many ready-to-use widgets (UI) to create a modern application. These widgets are optimized for mobile environments and designing the application using widgets is as simple as designing HTML.

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