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Kubernetes: Dive Into Kubernetes in One Hour! Fully Hands On

Get Hands On with Kubernetes and Learn the Concepts and Kubernetes Components In This One Hour Introductory Course

What you'll learn

  • The evolution of Containers and the impact of Docker in the world of Linux, DevOps and CI/CD
  • Docker's Contribution of Containerd and Runc to the CNCF and the Open Compute Initiative
  • DockerShim, how it relates to Kubernetes and why it's deprecation does not matter
  • Installation and Setup of Containerd and Runc as our Container Runtime
  • How to configure and install CNI (Container Network Interface) Plugins
  • Using Nerdctl with Containerd to provide a Docker CLI experience
  • Running containers with Containerd and Nerdctl
  • Installation and Setup of Kubernetes using Kubeadm
  • Configuring a Kubernetes Container Network Interface
  • YAML - How to quickly generate Kubernetes YAML using the CLI
  • Kubernetes Pods - The smallest unit of compute in Kubernetes
  • The Pause Container - An important Kubernetes component that many overlook
  • Kubernetes Deployments and ReplicaSets (for Scaling)
  • Services - For network connectivity
  • How to deconstruct and reconstruct a Kubernetes cluster, component by component
  • Architectural Deep Dive: Kubelet
  • Architectural Deep Dive: ETCD
  • Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-Apiserver
  • Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-Scheduler
  • Architectural Deep Dive: Controller-Manager
  • Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-Proxy
  • Architectural Deep Dive: CoreDNS
  • Architectural Deep Dive: Kube-DNS
  • Understanding Kubernetes Architecture Diagrams
  • Further exploration with a thorough Quiz and Challenges


Kubernetes is the hottest topics in the realm of DevOps and is one of the most demanded skillsets.  As a DevOps Engineer, salaries upwards of $100,000 annually are readily available.

This course was created based on my own personal frustrations when learning Kubernetes.  Many courses and books explain the core components as theory but have little hands on usage or examples of the architectural components.

My belief is that an understanding of the Kubernetes core components, as well as those that are hidden in the background provides you with a much better understanding of how and why Kubernetes works and will also make you more much effective with Kubernetes!

After an overview of the history of Containers, Kubernetes and the relationship to Docker, we'll cover the use of Dockershim, it's deprecation, the inception of Containerd and Runc and we'll configure these as part of our container runtime environment.

We'll then install and configure Nerdctl, a cli for Containerd that provides the awesome CLI experience that we're used to with Docker!

CNI plugins provide an introduction to the world of Container Network Interfaces.

We'll build a Kubernetes cluster using kubeadm and explore common components and functionality - Pods, the Pause container, Deployments, Replicasets and Services.

With our Kubernetes cluster running, we'll carefully dismantle the components one by one. We'll then start each component, repeating the functionality that we've explored and will understand, step by step, what each component is and why it's important in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

We'll talk through the use of the Kubelet, ETCD, Kube-ApiServer, Kube-Scheduler, Controller-Manager, Kube-Proxy, CoreDNS and Kube-DNS!

Lastly there are Quizzes and Challenges to test and take your knowledge further.

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