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Dive into Solidity Smart Contract Development

Programming Applications for Ethereum and EVM Compatible Blockchains

What you'll learn

  • Learn the Solidity programming language
  • Learn how to write smart contracts in Solidity
  • Learn how to deploy smart contracts to EVM compatible blockchains
  • Learn how to test smart contracts in a local development environment


This course will serve as an introduction to the Solidity Programming Language. We will cover all of the syntax unique to the Solidity language, as well as built in methods. Students will write code along side the instruction videos throughout the course, and finally complete a project that includes writing a smart contract, running a test suite against that contract, and deploying it to the Goerli test network.

This course is targeted at senior level software developers in the web2 space looking to make the jump into web3, although if you are not a senior engineer do not fret; we are happy to have you as well!. The course is part of a larger finishing school, called the Macro Engineering Fellowship. Find out more about the awesome things happening over at Macro DAO at "0xmacro .com" (no spaces) The Web3 space is so exciting right now, that we have taken it upon ourselves to be the premiere educational group in the space. Our ultimate goal is to provide engineering talent to web3 projects - that could be you! So far, we have placed students at top protocols such as Uniswap, Synthetix, Fei, Coinbase, and more.

This course does have a pre-requisite, which we will link you to within the first chapter of the course :) make sure to complete that before moving forward

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