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Learn Data Science and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure

Power BI | Power Query | Azure Machine Learning | Computer Vision | Text Analytics | Python charts

What you'll learn

  • Create visualization charts and business intelligence reports using Power BI
  • Perform data cleaning operations using Power Query
  • Create advanced charts and analysis using Python in Power BI
  • Build machine learning instances on Azure for Computer Vision
  • Perform Text Analytics on Microsoft Azure cloud


Welcome to this course on Data Science and Machine Learning with Microsoft Azure. You would learn various lessons for Data Visualization, Data Cleaning and Data Analysis using Microsoft Power BI. It is a powerful Business Intelligence software that can be used for various domains ranging from creating Analytics dashboard and Business Intelligence reports to fetching information from wide range of data sources. You could also perform various types of data cleaning operations using Power Query. Moreover, if you want to create some advanced types of Analytics charts you can write a few lines of code in python using frameworks such as Matplotlib and Seaborn. And if you want to modify the dataset either by creating derived values based on certain mathematical formula or specified conditions you could perform various Data Modelling operations as well by using creating Calculated fields and by using Power Query editor. In this course you would learn various such concepts with completely practical examples on Power BI Desktop, that can be applied in the similar way on azure cloud.

After you have learned various lessons on Power BI, you would be learning Azure Machine learning in the later sections of this course. Here you would learn to analyze an image using Computer Vision. And you would also learn to perform language detection, sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction and entity recognition using Azure Text Analytics.

Here in this course you will learn following lessons on Data Science using Microsoft Power BI-

  • Creating Visualization charts such as Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Donut or Ring chart
  • Treemap chart
  • Interactive charts and Drill down
  • Table and Matrix
  • Date and other Slicers
  • Creating a calculated field
  • Gauge chart
  • Map chart and modes
  • Scatterplot and Animation Playback
  • Basics of Power Query
  • Row deletion and Column Split
  • Replacing Column Values
  • Creating Advanced reports using Python
  • Installing Python packages and defining path
  • Creating a Line chart with matplotlib
  • Putting labels and creating dashed scatterplot

Moreover you would also learn about Azure Machine Learning with lessons on-

  • Computer Vision- Create Service
  • Computer Vision- Analyze image , text in image and generate thumbnail
  • Text Analytics- Create Service
  • Text Analytics- Language Detection
  • Text Analytics- Sentiment Analysis
  • Text Analytics- Key Phrase Extraction
  • Text Analytics- Entity Recognition

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