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React Testing - Code and Test 3 React Web Apps

Code and test 3 ReactJs web applications using Cypress, WebDriverIO, HappoIO

What you'll learn

  • Code A Simple React App
  • Visual Testing And Deploy To Microsoft Azure
  • Create A Birthday Reminder React Application with Full Testing


In this 3-part video tutorial, we will train you on how to code and test 3 beautiful ReactJS web applications even without React App testing experience.

You’ll Learn:

Creating A React App and Deploy to Microsoft Azure

  • Creating a React App
  • Running First Test
  • Creating a Pipeline
  • Add a Link Test
  • Add Visual Testing
  • Making an Image Change
  • Releasing to Azure Static Web Apps
  • Creating CI for Production Testing
  • Finalizing Production Build for CI

Birthday Reminder React App with Full Testing

  • Birthday Reminder Project Setup
  • Static UI Created
  • List Component
  • onClick() Implemented
  • What is Our Testing Strategy
  • Installing WDIO
  • Run WDIO Test
  • Visual e2e Testing
  • Conclusion

Build & Test A Portfolio Website

  • Website Overview
  • Source Code Overview
  • Code Header Overview
  • Testing Strategy for Header
  • Visual E2E Tests with Happo
  • E2E Cypress Tests
  • Hero Section
  • Projects Section
  • Jest Snapshot Tests

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Build & Test A Dev Portfolio Website

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